Ashley Kelly, world-class sprinter British Virgin Islands

The treatments and the entire environment makes me feel great! I come out the treatments feeling like energized as if I can head straight to exercise or attack anything I had to do for the rest of the day. It’s almost like a shot of coffee.  In addition, the atmosphere in Kryo X is a great. It’s a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The biggest benefit is the way my body feels after my treatment. I felt refreshed, relaxed and less sore. The mental aspect of training is very important so the treatments helped me be more mentally prepared to approach consecutive practices. During my practice my body felt recovered and I was able to have successful consecutive training sessions.”

Liam McGeary, professional mixed martial arts fighter

“I never liked iced baths. The ice would always hurt parts of my body. My friend told me about Kryo X and I’ve been using it ever since. It benefits me during my camps because of the intensity we train at leaves the body very sore. The Kryo X chamber helps out with any inflammation that I have from training. After three minutes in there I leave feeling great. My mind is also on a high and my training camps continue with my body feeling ready to go at all times.”

Flint Kinkade

“24 hours later and I am still on a buzz… I will be back for the next 9 visits.

I feel like it has already significantly reduced the inflammation due to my herniated disc in my neck. My mobility / flexibility has been great with significantly less pain.

See you soon, Kryo X!”

Ann Marie Guerra

“I came to Kryo X because I wanted to alleviate pain caused by Fibromyalgia/ Lupus Autoimmune. I always felt sluggish, tired and in a fog.

After the series of whole body cryotherapy I felt the best I ever felt since being diagnosed with autoimmune disease. I could focus, felt healthy and energised and slept much better.

Whole body cryotherapy has been a life changing experience for me, where my quality of life is restored to its fullest potential!”

Leslie Inzunza

“I first learned about Kryo X through a physician friend who suggested I try it for severe neuropathic and inflammatory pain. At that time, I was struggling with debilitating side effects from pharmaceutical drugs to manage the pain.

After one treatment, I felt a mild euphoria and surprising energy. By my 10th treatment, I noticed a significant decrease in both the pain in my legs and my joints.

I said farewell to the medications that caused cognitive dysfunction, fatigue and blurred vision. By combining a routine of whole body cryotheraphy with exercise and diet, I’ve managed the pain without meds, but more importantly I feel stronger and more optimistic now that I know what works for me.

Adam Beard (Head of Physical Performance at Welsh Rugby Union)

“We have been using WBC for some time now and it has become an integral part of out recovery program. WBC helps the players recover quicker from very intensive training sessions while assisting them complete a higher volume block of training. The enhanced recovery benefits definitely contributes to being able to enhance levels of fitness, player feedback has always been very positive in this respect.”

Ben Stirling (Head Physio) & Chris Baron (Head of S&C) Warrington Wolves

“Based on a season of WBC use, we have observed a number of benefits applicable to Rugby League. Most importantly, improved sleep, reduced subjective post-game soreness and speedier return of power and mobility impacted by weekly competition. We are looking forward to publishing our research findings in due course to support such statements”

West Ham United Sports Science Dept

“We have been using the mobile cryotherapy chamber at West Ham United during the current season when we have little time between matches to enhance our players’ recovery. We have found that the players report feeling fresher after entering the chamber and are more then happy to do so. Cryotherapy has become an important part of our recovery process and we look forward to using the chamber for the foreseeable future.”

Andy Rolls

“We have found whole body cryotherapy very useful in assisting recovery after both games and intense training sessions. The players report feeling fresher after cryotherapy sessions and have also commented on beneficial effects with their sleeping”

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