Providing Best-in-Class Cryotherapy Equipment, Services and Support


We offer a full range of cryotherapy equipment to meet your needs.  The equipment we sell is the same as we employ at our centers. 


Learn from the first name in cryotherapy on how to position your business for success.   Whether you’re a new business or an existing cryotherapy center looking for the next genesis of cryotherapy equipment to differentiate yourself from the clutter, we guide you through every step of the process to create a turnkey experience. 


In addition to carrying a full inventory of replacement parts we provide a dedicated support team of U.S.-based, factory-trained personnel to identify issues and correct them to minimize down time.

All of the whole body cryotherapy equipment we sell is now equipped with remote diagnosis. 


Kryolife “Best-in-Class” Cryotherapy Equipment and Support

To compliment the Juka cryosaunas, we have added the CryoScience Arctic single-person chamber and the Penguin local cryotherapy device and the new Cryo4Life cryosauna,


If the Client Experience is tantamount then our cryosaunas are right for you.


  • The most used cryosauna in the world today.  Juka is a pioneer in the field with over 3 million successful treatments conducted worldwide.
  • Continuous flow technology delivers an immersive, 360 degree delivery of cryotherapy
  • Aesthetically pleasing, with five custom finish options.
  • Open top design eliminates potential claustrophobia.
  • Numerous integrated safety protocols
  • Geometric design of inner cabin optimizes convection for improved client results
  • Heated ventilation system to minimize moisture buildup and vent used nitrogen


The Arctic

The first single person Chamber available in North America the Arctic is a performance oriented product

  • Delivers the additional benefits of a chamber while providing Americans with the privacy they require.
  • Priced only slightly higher than the most expensive cryosaunas, but half the price of multi-person chamber. 
  • The ideal asset to compliment a cryosauna or to differentiate your brand in a cluttered marketplace.
  • Uses no more nitrogen than a cryosauna
  • Completely Safe. No client contact with nitrogen




The Penguin

Using cold temperatures to treat pain and inflammation dates back to 2500 BC.  A science that has been tested to deliver results is now made easily accessible with the Cryo Penguin, a modern, mobile device that treats localized tissue damage, induces cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone and reduces the effects of aging.

The Penguin is designed in a way to Make life easier for the applicator from. Its easy and embedded programming to it’s comprehensive and ergonomically friendly design.  Our Cryo Penguin is a World class technology that helps you deliver the most groundbreaking services For your clients. 


The most technologically advanced cryosauna in the market today

  • Immediate Cooling – Room to treatment temperature in 20 seconds
  • Reduced Nitrogen Usage - Advanced nitrogen recapture / circulation technology to conserve usage / increase profitability
  • No Drying Down Time - Automatic post treatment drying to prevent moisture buildup
  • Solid - Heavy-duty, four point 400 lb capacity electric lift and stainless steel components.
  • Remote “control center” monitoring the health of your machine 24/7
  • An industry leading two-year warranty with a three-year extended option
  • Complete Control - Custom built software providing owner with complete management control and reporting
  • Consistent Branding - Customized interior and exterior color options plus logo on operator panel.  Available in multiple finish options.

The Turnkey Difference

  1. Business Modeling and Location Selection
  2. National Network of Nitrogen Providers
  3. Facility Layout
  4. Marketing/Identity Development/Public Relations/Social Media Marketing/Branding Collateral
  5. Source Supporting Materials and Insurance
  6. Formulate Pricing on Packaging and Guidelines
  7. Operational Materials
  8. Installation and Training

24/7 Support


Minimum two-year warranty on all products with extended warranty options



Dedicated Account Manager for guidance on new business, customer questions, supply orders, etc.


A staff of U.S.-based, factory-trained Kryolife employed technicians



A full parts inventory




Remote diagnostic capability




An after-hours support team