We create a turnkey experience, guiding you through every step of launch

  • We work with your architects / contractors to develop proper flow

  • Formulate product strategy and pricing

  • Introduce you to equipment finance companies and insurance underwriters

  • Sourceg all support providers (hose, O2 sensors, client garb, etc)

  • Provide marketing Services (as needed), including public relations, search engine optimization, social media/content marketing, Google Adwords and Facebook advertising as well as website and collateral development.

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Best in class


  • No other cryosauna induces a faster "flight/fright" response in the body. 
  • If the client experience is tantamount, then you want a Juka
  • Juka uses more nitrogen than an Impact or Titan, but when you compromise on the amount of nitrogen it results in a less than effective client experience.
  • Many of the newer products (Titan and Cryosense) offer more superficial bells and whistles, but all the client truly cares about is the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Juka is the most esthetically pleasing line and importance for your brand image.
  • Its products are over-engineered and able to easily handle 90 treatments a day.
  • No other cryosauna delivers a more effective whole body treatment

  • The only cryosauna approved in Europe as a medical device

  • An immersive 360 degree delivery of cryotherapy (no need for client to rotate or for clunky top to cover client)

  • Open top design eliminates claustrophobia

  • Higher safety factor vs. other cryosaunas because of its pre-chamber where the liquid nitrogen is converted into a gas. Others do not have the pre-chamber and liquid nitrogen can spray on client if temperature is set too cold.


  • While priced slightly higher than the most expensive cryosaunas, the Arctic is the most performance oriented product in the marketplace.
  • It's ideal for an existing cryotherapy businesses to add as a complement their existing cryosauna.
  • Having Arctic equipment in a unique selling point in a mature marketplace, such as Miami or West Palm Beach). 
  • No client contact with nitrogen as air is pulled from room and cooled with liquid nitrogen. 
  • Slick, cutting-edge design.
  • Client heart rate monitor
  •  Uses no more nitrogen than a cryosauna
  • Front window comes down if client is claustrophobic
  • Additional benefits derived from treating head and neck due to many sensors in these areas


  • The design, style and functionality of the Penguin is light years ahead of the Kriosan and T-Elephant.  
  • It simply looks like a much more high-end piece of equipment compared to others.
  • Laser guidance for pinpoint accuracy
  • Temperature sensor in head alerts user when skin is too cold
  • Supporting arm minimizes operator wear
  • Multiple pre-programmed settings for facial and numerous body parts as well as professional level override
  • 50-liter nitrogen vesse