Introducing the most advanced cryotherapy chamber in the world:

The Glacier by Cryo4Life developed with KRYOLiFE

Glacier 1.png

Key benefits for users

  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Longer exposure time at cryogenic temperatures
  • Greater hygiene
  • An additional recovery program

Key benefits for administrators and owners

  • Built to last with a three-year warranty
  • Increased productivity, with ten hours continuous operation
  • Total activity control and reporting
  • Uniform temperature distribution


The central objective of a cryosauna is to provide effective therapy to the client. To achieve this, we have concentrated our research and development efforts on two key areas:

  1. Obtaining consistent temperature distribution.
  2. Increasing the effective cryogenic temperature exposure time.

As shown in the graphs, we measured the temperatures of different parts of the body obtained by using similar equipment on the market, and compared results with our cryosauna. 

Our cryosauna is the only one to reach -190ºC or -310ºF.

This more consistent cold distribution eliminates any extreme sensations that may be felt in the lower back of the legs, thus providing a better cooling and healing experience for the user, with much less risk of skin damage.


In addition, the more skin exposed to cryogenic temperatures, the more effective cryogenic therapy for users. 

  • Greater hygiene and equipment longevity
  • Showing care for users is essential,
  • The basis of a positive user experience starts with first impressions: of your premises, and of your equipment. The lasting impression of good hygiene will speak volumes for you and your business.
  • That's why we ave ensured that you can regularly remove and clean the internal upholstery of your cryosauna equipment.
  • Removable upholstery is unique in the market and protected by a pending patent. The removable liner ensures greater convenience and improved equipment care, allowing you to replace worn or damaged liners as needed.
  • Additionally, the removable upholstery ensures an increased lifespan for your equipment, and ultimately enhancement and better protection of your investment.
  • Pre-configured programsGood customer service means anticipating your customers' every need.


Cryo4Life Glacier equipment has three pre-configured programs to suit all customer requirements:

  1. A three-minute standard program that reaches temperatures of -190°C or -310°F without affecting the user's skin
  2. A four-minute program for intense recovery that is only possible in our machine because it does not affect the user's skin

Built to last, with three-year warranty

  • When making any business investment, the quality of the product is critical.
  • Cryo4Life Glacier equipment is made of 100% steel. Exposed parts are manufactured from stainless steel, and the electrical and mechanical components meet the highest industrial specifications.
  • Cryo4Life Glacier equipment comes with a unique factory warranty of three years to ensure your equipment lasts.

Note: The warranty does not cover damage due to improper use or misuse or damage caused by power failure.

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Ten hours of continuous operation

  • The best way to recover the costs of your investment is to increase the productivity of your equipment.
  • Cryo4Life equipment incorporates innovative water management technology to prevent freezing, allowing you to operate the unit continuously for up to ten hours.
  • No more stops for the unit to dry means higher productivity, better customer service and guaranteed profitability.
  • Activity control and reporting


Click on the images below to view the dimensions in larger format:

Business information is critical.

The Cryo4Life Glacier cryosauna incorporates a real-time reporting system that lets the owner/manager know when a session is being held.

This system incorporates an online portal through which owners/managers can check and track the performance of their cryosaunas. Knowing how the service has behaved and being able to make decisions based on operational reports is critical to good business management and even better customer service.