Cryotherapy is proven to be effective in fighting inflammation following resistance training

By now you’ve probably heard that the best ways to improve your body are through diet and resistance training or high intensity interval training as opposed to long sessions of cardiovascular exercise forms such as distance running. The one drawback to intense weight lifting is recovery and the inflammation that can cause muscle soreness.

The good news is cryotherapy can really help fight the inflammatory effects of resistance exercise according to clinical trials conducted by the Federal University of Santa Maria, a Brazilian public university. The study, published earlier this year, shows the cryotherapy combined with the ingestion of antioxidants (specifically ones containing vitamins C and E) can help fight oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is what most people who start or restart a weight training program know in plain terms as a whole lot of soreness.

The study writes: “Beginners in resistance exercise programs are more vulnerable to the effects of oxidative stress as they exhibit lower antioxidant capacity, greater lipid peroxidation and present increased perception of pain after exercises that may lead to abandonment the exercises practice.”

So in non-scientific terms, this means: If you just started resistance training and feel a lot of pain, don’t give up on weight training. Instead take some antioxidants and get to Kryo X for whole body cryotherapy sessions to get you over the hump.