World-class sprinter Ashley Kelly explains why she loves cryotherapy and Kryo X

Ashley Kelly is sprinter from the British Virgin Islands, who competed in the 2016 Olympic games. We had a chance to catch up with our client and hear why she considers whole body cryotherapy an essential component of her training.

Ashley Kelly

Kryo X:  How did you discover cryotherapy?
Ashley Kelly: I did research on the Internet to find recovery options and read an article on cryotherapy, and the many benefits to the cardiovascular system, inflammation, and overall energy.

KL: What are its biggest benefits for you in training?
AK: The biggest benefit was the way my body felt after my treatment. I felt refreshed, relaxed and less sore. The mental aspect of training is very important so the treatments helped me be more mentally prepared to approach consecutive practices.  During my practice my body felt recovered and I was able to have successful consecutive training sessions.

My top tips for a healthy lifestyle are: exercise regularly, eat organic foods, laugh a lot, and don’t keep hate in your heart.

KL: How does it make you feel?
AK: The treatments and the entire environment makes me feel great! I come out the treatments feeling energized as if I can head straight to exercise or attack anything I had to do for the rest of the day. Almost like a shot of coffee.  In addition, the atmosphere in Kryo X is a great, short getaway from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

KL: How often do you use the therapy?
AK: During my final three months of preparation for the Olympic Games I used the therapy three times a week. Then for the final two weeks, I used the therapy every day.

KL: What are your top tips for a healthy lifestyle?
AK: My top tips for a healthy lifestyle are: exercise regularly, eat organic foods, laugh a lot, and don't keep hate in your heart.

KL: Tell us about some highlights from the 2016 Olympics.
AK: My Olympic experience was great, I was the flag bearer for my country of the BVI.  The atmosphere during the opening ceremony was electrifying.  I met great people around the village and during competition and just watching so many elite athletes experience something they had worked for, for some their entire lives, was amazing.  The emotions displayed were genuine.