We proudly serve Big T NYC tea

When you enter our space, we want you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. So why serve your run-of-the-mill tea?

We exclusively serve Big T NYC tea, which are organic, loose, anti-oxidant filled teas that are simply delicious. Honestly, since we discovered Big T, other teas don't cut it.

Big T NYC founder Theresa Krier (pictured) told FashionStyleBeauty.com, “I was working in brand management backstage at Fashion Week managing a beauty brand, and I noticed the models weren’t drinking anything available: no soda or water. It got me thinking: it’s so hot and chaotic backstage, maybe something that was natural and didn’t cause bloating but was flavorful, natural, packed with antioxidants and no calories would do the trick. Since my favorite beverage is tea, I thought maybe they’d enjoy a good, flavorful blend. So, I came up with a formulation, and the next season I set up a mini tea bar backstage. The models were lined up for it. Even Bobbi Brown, who was backstage, said she loved it. So, that’s where it began, and it’s evolved from there.”

So when you come by, be sure to ask us for a cup of Big T NYC.

To find out more, visit www.bigtnyc.com.